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Starbucks-Monument Sign

Monument Signs

Monument signs are closely related to pylon signs, in that both are freestanding. Monument signs are about the height of a person & meant to be seen at eye level.

Channel Letters - Pixar-Animation-Studios

Channel Letters

Channel letters are custom-made three-dimensional letters or numbers used as signs for businesses. They are typically displayed above the entrance of a business, either outdoors or in an indoor mall.


A canopy is an awning, typically fabric, with columns that allow it to extend away from a building, forming a covered entranceway.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are large, freestanding structures not attached to any building that advertise one or more businesses.

Inspection / Surveys

We accomplish this by responding quickly, providing economic designs with a fast turn around time at a competitive fee.



An awning is an overhang that is attached to the outside wall of a building, usually above a window or entranceway

Wall Signs

Freestanding signs, including pylons, and monument signs as well as wall connected signs like sign cabinets, channel letters, canopies, awnings or structural building facades.

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